Balance Your Body & Mind

Meditation (Dhyana)

The word meditation is derived from the latin ‘ mederi ‘ – to heal. I love this! It shows me that meditation is the means to heal ourselves of the scattered and disharmonious facets of the mind and personality. Our mind has likes and dislikes, our emotions can vary throughout the day but meditation can help to bring balance to the mind and emotions.

Meditation is an experience difficult to describe. It is a state of awareness, not a series of mental actitives. A state which is behind or beyond our thoughts. Although thinking about one object ( dharana, concentration ) can lead us into the state of meditation, thinking is not actually the state.

It is the place within ourselves that is spaciousness, stillness, limitless, totally free and not effected by thoughts or feelings.

Most of us require training on how to access this place of stillness within ourselves. In the western world especially we are not always taught about the nature of the mind and how to exclude unneccessary or negative thoughts.

Meditation is training for the mind that can help us re wire our brain to focus more on positive rather than negative thoughts and how to access the place of peace within ourselves which is beyond our thoughts. Our minds need to rest, just as much as our bodies do…maybe even more than our bodies!

Meditation is ‘shampoo for the mind’ which can clear out the negative and bring more peace of mind as well as clarity and new energy. The benefits of meditation are significant and well documented from modern research however, the only way you will know the benefits is by actually doing the practice.

Swami Sivananda said; ‘ to know an apple one must eat an apple, you can be told all about it but you will never taste it or receive the nourishment unless you eat it yourself!’…it is the same for meditation, to know the state of meditation you must do the practice.

Meditation techniques can be quite simple and yet very effective; eg awareness of the breath in many different ways, mental repetition of words, phrases or mantras, focusing on or visualising an image, object or listening to a sound. Although the practices can be simple, it is not always easy for a lot of us to sit comfortably to meditate.

Yoga poses prepare the body and mind to be able to sit comfortably however, you can sit comfortably on a chair if you need to. Anyone can learn to meditate and experience the enormous benefits.

Listen in deep silence. Be very still and open your mind….Sink deep into the peace that waits for you beyond the frantic, riotous thoughts and sights and sounds of this insane world ‘ ( q from a course in miracles )…

Whereas science is the study of external things, meditation is the process of exploring our inner and more subtle aspects of our being and existence.

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